Fixin' the Floors

Our basement flooded on July 11th and today on August 31 we've finally got tile going down on the floors! It feels like we've been without the basement space forever, maybe 'cause we're down to one room upstairs now. Holy crap was this not the time to be at home with a toddler all day.

We chose Interceramic's Oakwood tile in Cherry purchased from bidforfloors.com. Bid for Floors was great with price. As the name suggests we bid a price, including shipping, for the floor we wanted. They counter bid and we accepted. The price was the lowest we could find on first-quality runs of the tile we selected even after hours of searching and shopping. They quoted delivery in 3-5 business days, but it was closer to three weeks. It was out of their control because the tile was shipped from the manufacturer, but their inability to communicate that for the first two weeks was frustrating. They kept saying it would "ship tomorrow" and didn't call back after saying they'd check on the timing and get back to us. Of course that meant it arrived while we were on vacation and we had to arrange for someone else to lug all the boxes of tile off the street corner and into our yard. NBD in the end and we'd use them again.

A local granite and tile shop is doing the install. They're some of the best installers in the area and our contractor arranged for them to do the work. We got quotes from two companies and theirs was the lower of the two. They came out for an hour on Thursday to put a skim coat leveler on the concrete. On Friday they started in the center of the living room and finished 80% of the room.

They're back today to lay more tile, will finish up on Monday, unless their boss won't let them work on the holiday and grout on Tuesday.

We're doing the rest of the repairs ourselves so next week we should be able to purchase baseboards and I'll paint them before we put them down. We have daycare for the month of September so I'll be able to paint, etc during the day. And so the HVAV guys who are destroying the existing part of our house can do so without my freaking out about flying plaster dust coming down on my napping boy. I'm putting the pressure on to get as much messy work done as possible in the next 30 days! Who knows when we'll get our basement furniture back from storage; the HVAC guys, electrician and plumbers have torn up the bedroom ceiling and walls, which need to be repaired before we bring stuff back.

This weekend we have to pick a grout color:

I'm thinking cocoa or chocolate. We want the grout to blend in with the tiles as much as possible. What do you think?

The end of this saga is in sight and I'm pretty psyched to finish the basement...again. Now we just need to start seeing the end of the addition 'cause it's getting tight in here!

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  1. I think the Cocoa would be the closest options to your floor.


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