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We've been looking at and thinking about kitchen counters for a couple of months now. I don't like the granite our home's previous owners used when they remodeled the kitchen just before selling to us. It's busy and has lots of maroon flakes. There is no color I dislike more than maroon.

So when started to think about counters for the new peninsula that we're adding to our kitchen, we weren't so keen on matching the stone. We decided to price out counters for the entire kitchen, replacing the existing granite (which we'd hopefully be able to use elsewhere.) I wanted something white, but marble isn't all that great for a kitchen - especially for one that will likely be used by renters in the future. So we looked at silestone and other engineered quartz companies.

And then we got the price quotes. Woah.

Back to the drawing board. Yesterday we went to a few stone yards to look at granite called White Fantasy and Super White. I liked them, but they were much more busy than S expected.

He pointed to a slab of marble and said, "I want something like that." Yes, don't we all.

At the third and smallest yard where we stopped two seconds before Little M's dinner time with mere seconds 'til meltdown, we happened to see a slab of our current granite. I didn't love it any more in full slab than I do in our kitchen, but I did ask the price. It's 1/3 the price of the engineered quartz and half the price of the lowest price granites we considered. Like several thousand dollars saved if we just match the stone and only do the new peninsula.
Without my having a job right now, we're all about the budget. Like allllllllll about it. All day, every day. Womp, womp, womp.

So during nap today I went over to the granite dealer we've been working with to get a quote on the granite I don't like for our peninsula. And while I waited I saw a black granite with a leathered finish that I kinda loved. 
Of course I got a quote on that too. And what do you know? The black is the lowest priced stone, apart from the stone we currently have, that we've looked at so far. I think it would pretty amazing in our kitchen and I loved the bumpy "leathered" finish.

Yesterday we thought we had a decision made - go with what we have and save money - but today I'm not so convinced anymore. Yesterday I forgot that when we take one of the kitchen walls down we're going to have an area without counters. We thought we'd just leave a bit of wall there, but it's not ideal, it's a make-do solution.
If we replace all the counters, we'd take the wall all the way down to counter height and extend the counters. It would look like the wall was removed before the kitchen was updated. If we don't replace the counters, then the wall will stop about 12" from the top of the counter - just high enough to hide our coffee maker and the glass canisters.
Bottom line is we don't know if we're replacing the counters or not. There is too many options out there. My head is spinning. What's your favorite counter top? Or top 50 favorites out of the 100,000 options out there.

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  1. Tough one... I like your granite and don't remember the maroon flakes but I totally hear about spending money on something you don't like to begin with. In pictures though, it looks great :)

    I've heard the leather finish can be hard to clean because of the rougher texture. Also, not easy to write on with a piece of paper flat on the counter. Good luck with the decision!

  2. It's totally not in style now, but we actually went with a solid surface (i.e. Corian) in our kitchen that we remodeled 4 years ago because I wanted a seamless sink. (I had Corian in a previous apartment and loved that feature). We actually got the Samsung version, Staron, and it looks a lot like quartz. I don't remember the exact color, but I think we've got their Tempest series in a beige. I believe it was pretty cheap, there are no seams in the countertop, and we got the back edge curved up so there were no grout/seams right at the wall (had issues with the previous countertop collecting water there).

    At any rate, good luck!!!


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