Bye, Bye Bathroom

Just as soon as we finished fixing the basement, this happened upstairs:

That's our one and only upstairs bathroom. Gone to the dumpster.

We're remodeling the entire bathroom, obviously. In the interest of our very strict budget, we're keeping the vanity (it's not the best quality, but has a few years left in it, so we'll wait to swap it out), the toilet, the medicine cabinet and the fan that we installed when Little M was just a couple weeks old. The toilet is actually going down to the powder room since it's a "comfort height" toilet and we bought a new Kohler Welworth standard height toilet on sale at Lowes for this bathroom. We figure the shortest toilet is probably best for what will be the little boy's bathroom.

I'm 90% sure we're getting a new acrylic tub. But the guys were able to get the old cast iron tub out in one piece and now I'm having second thoughts!

To refinish our tub would cost about $350 and would last about 10 years - that is, if it's refinish-able. An entirely new tub is about $600. I'm torn. I hate sending stuff to the landfill unnecessarily and I'm of the thought that they don't make 'em like the used to. But the front skirt on this tub sticks out a couple, very valuable, inches into the room, it's in need of a refinish and now it's kinda scratched. Can cast iron tubs be scrapped? Are my demo guys going line their pockets with a whole lotta cash from this two ton tub? I'd feel a lot better about it if it were scrapped and not trashed. Plus the tub I picked out is equally deep and very sleek.

The whole remodel is supposed to take about two weeks. So in like a month we'll be in there again. A really long month of going from the second floor all the way to the basement in the middle of the night.... Will you judge me if I brought bedpans back in style?

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  1. Try donating your tub here - http://communityforklift.org/donation.cfm

  2. Check out the tub in Column C. If you decide not to keep yours, I bet you could get some good $ towards a new one!



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