Showing off my Mad Photoshop Skillz

We looked at the color samples in every light today and then drove around neighborhoods looking for similar colors on other houses. We liked gray on other houses. But those houses don't have existing brick. So basically we got nowhere today.

Then tonight I brought out my mad Photoshop skillz. This is what not one, but two courses in Photoshop gets you. And because S ripped all the siding off the sunroom this weekend and then wrapped the whole thing in house wrap, they're covered in pretend siding in my renditions. Good enough.

with Certainteed Taupe

with Certainteed Granite Gray

S and I are leaning toward the cooler gray color after seeing it with the black roof and black shutters. Tomorrow I'm planning to get color samples and paint two big boxes or pieces of plywood to hold up in various lights as larger samples. At least we're down to just a couple choices. Only a gazillion more choices to go once we've settled this one ;)

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  1. I say go for the grey! It's what you wanted & who cares if it matches the mortar on the brick? Plus in your awesome photoshop renderings it looks really good! Good luck with the decision!

  2. I liked taupe until I sae the photoshop and agree with grey now! Hopefully your paint swatches confirm what you are leaning towards!


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