Soup is Good Food

My little guy brought his first cold of the season home from daycare the other day (last month of daycare, so last daycare cold too??) and was a miserable mess over the weekend. I decided to give him what any good mom gives their sick kiddo – chicken noodle soup – the classic from Campbell’s, of course. Isn’t it scientifically proven that chicken broth helps cure colds?

When I was heating the soup on the stove the smell brought me back to my parents’ kitchen as a kid and I wished we had some crackers to crumble on top. I’m not sure how I associate chicken noodle soup with crackers as I’m fairly certain I was a soup purist growing up.

When the soup was warm, I ladled it into Little M’s elephant bowl with the suction bottom and took a taste to check the temp. Then I added an ice cube. Then I added another. When I finally served my little guy, chicken noodle soup proved to be a challenging choice.

Little M is 21 months old and while he’s skilled at eating yogurt with a spoon, soup was a whole new challenge. I tried giving him the broth in a cup, with a straw, in a sippy. Nothing worked. Finally I emptied the broth and just let my gluten sensitive kid eat broth-soaked noodles. With his hands. Good news is he’s growing out of the gluten sensitivity. And the warm lunch helped his stuffy nose.

While he ate/accidentally dropped noodles all over the floor I went to Campbell's Kitchen to check out the Wisest Kid page featuring some kid-friendly recipes using chicken noodle soup, guaranteed to make my kid happy. The mini chicken pot pies look pretty delicious and like a much easier way for a toddler to eat chicken noodle soup. Those may be making an appearance in our house this winter when the next cold hits.

There are several kid friendly recipes on the Campbell’s Wisest Kid page, definitely worth a peek. And for fun they feature a widget were you can share the wisest wisdom from your kids. Little M’s contribution to the wisdom? “Hot, hot.” Check out this widget and share the “wise” things your kids say.

What’s the wisest thing your kid has said recently. Is there anything wiser than “hot, hot”?

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