Torn Over Siding Colors

We have a box full of siding samples to choose from for our addition. The siding will go on the addition and on the sunroom/office. The brick will stay brick, we don't want to paint it like many of our neighbors have. All our samples are from Hardie and Certainteed. I don't generally like the Hardie colors, so we narrowed our choices down to five Certainteed colors pretty quickly. We nailed them up on the side of the addition and left them there to look at in different lights.
Wicker, Taupe, Linen, Silverplate, and Granite Gray
Then today S mentioned that having the five options against the blue of the house wrap was probably skewing our perception of the colors. Duh.

So I took the samples and looked at them each next to the kitchen window where there's brick, white trim and black shutters. I think we narrowed our choices down to Taupe and Granite Gray. Wicker was too yellow, Silverplate too blue and Linen too light.

Taupe & Granite Gray in the shade of the porch roof:

In direct sun:

When we were planning the addition we planned on having dark gray siding. But then someone along the way suggested matching the mortar of the brick as a way to tie together the existing brick house and the addition. So while gray is my favorite color (and has been ever since I had this gray sweater my junior year of high school that I looooooved and wore every day until I accidentally shrunk it to toddler proportions), I am wondering whether the taupe might be a better option since it "goes with" the existing mortar of the brick that we do not want to paint. Ever. I'm so torn!

I even tried to let this guy decide, but he just runs between each color pointing to all of them.

What do you think, taupe, granite gray or something entirely different?

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  1. Anonymous9/01/2013

    Tough call, but I would go with the taupe. I agree with the person who suggested matching the color of the mortar to tie to spaces together. Plus, I think the gray is too cool against the brick in the pictures you've shown here. They don't mesh nearly as well as the taupe and brick do.

  2. I vote taupe. Looks better with your brick color I think.


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