Dreaming of the Hallway Bathroom

Literally, I wake up at night in need of the hallway bathroom only to realize I've got to go all the way down to the basement to use the bathroom. Hiking back up two flights of stairs really wakes you up in the middle of the night. I'm tired.

Thankfully things in the hallway bathroom remodel are coming along. We decided to splurge and replace all the plumbing. "Remodel" does not mean "replace plumbing" even though remodel does mean rip up all the floors and expose all the plumbing. I honestly didn't know that. To save on the overall cost, S jackhammered up the concrete floor himself.

Changing out the 75 year old plumbing cost an extra $850, which only included the plumbing in the floor since all the drain lines and stacks in the old wall needed to be removed as part of the overall plan for the house since the bathroom wall was moved 6" into the addition. We're definitely glad we decided to update the plumbing. Over the years the drain lines settled so that the shower drain wasn't sloped properly anymore and the 2" drains were down to about 1/2" of effective size, which explains why the shower drained sooooo slowly. I can't imagine how small the old drain lines from the house to the street are now, and I do not want to find out.

We decided on getting a new tub and ended up donating the old one, which should get us a little tax deduction (thanks for the suggestion!) The tub is in place and the subfloor is down, which gives a good idea of how much six inches really means in such a small bath room. Six inches more is huge! It really does feel larger when you walk in the door. Granted there's only a tub in there, but I can tell.

We had the framers put in two spots to make nooks for bath toys and shampoo. I wanted them side by side, but the plumbing stack that you can see above foiled that plan. The tiles will basically wrap in and around the two nooks just like the one we have in the basement bathroom.

S insulated between the first and second floors for sound (also not something in the plans) and put extra insulation in all those open bathroom walls you see above so that someone showering or flushing in this bathroom won't wake someone sleeping in the master.  Insulating is a an itchy, miserable job.

Now that the tub is in place, the walls are framed and the insulation is in, we're ready for the fun stuff that we'll actually see!
center image, tub & faucet, tile & vanity & toilet, rug

We have the tile, toilet and faucet ready to go. The old toilet, which was brand new when we bought the house will go down to the powder room. The Wellworth toilet is a little shorter, so we figured it would go best in the room that will essentially be Little M's. We're reusing the old vanity, lighting, medicine cabinet and fan since they're all nearly-new.

Tiling is supposed to start tomorrow and all we have left to decide is grout color. I'm leaning heavily away from white. I cannot wait to have an upstairs bathroom again!

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