Halloween Boos - a Tutorial

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Little M and I saw some small, simple ghosts hanging from a tree the other day when we were out walking Feeney. He pointed and laughed. I told him they're called "ghosts" and asked if he'd like to make some. He laughed. He doesn't say "yes" yet, he just laughs his assent.

So yesterday after getting our flu shots bright and early at his pediatrician's office, we went to JoAnn's for our special project supplies. While talking about what we were going to make he was repeating "ghos," but by the time we were hanging them on the tree in our front yard he was calling them "boos."

... Just before making our boos, we were running around the addition and I hid behind a wall and jumped out shouting "boo!"As I jumped out, my mind was simultaneously thinking, "this could be a really bad idea." But Little M screeched with delight and started hiding behind walls and shouting "boo" at me. Then my wild child and I went inside to make ghosts, which I told him "say boo." So these are now boos and that's why.

makes 6 ghosts

2 yards of inexpensive dress lining or similarly gauzy fabric
6 - 3" styrofoam
fishing line cut into 6  ~12" lengths
black sharpie
fabric scissors

To make the ghosts
1.  Trim selvedge edges off of fabric
2. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and cut into two (2) long strips
3. Cut each strip into three (3) equal pieces, resulting in 6 approximate squares
4. Place a styrofoam ball in the center of each square
5. Cinch fabric around the base of the ball and tie tight with one end of the fishing line to make the ghost's neck
6. Knot the other end of the fishing line into a hanging loop
7. Draw eyes and a mouth on the ghost's face, opposite the knot - we did a mix of smiles and "O" boo faces
8. Hang from trees in your yard

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Anonymous10/23/2013

    Nice DIY project to do on this Halloween i like your post.


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