Our master bathroom floor was tiled yesterday. I love it!

It's a hexagon marble tile that we found at the Home Depot. I say "the Home Depot" but I really mean six Home Depots. S woke up early on Saturday morning, as he usually does, and went to Home Depot about 45 minutes away on the other side of DC. Their website said they had enough square feet of tile to do our master floor... after several hours searching the store with several managers he discovered that they did not. By a long shot. So he went to every Home Depot around the beltway, calling in in advance, getting several square feet at each store until seven hours later we had more than enough. We needed 80 square feet, he came home with 140.

When Little M woke up from his nap we went through all the boxes together choosing the sheets of tile that had the least yellows and the most grays. I'm so glad we bought so much extra; there was a lot of yellow! I'm also glad we didn't decide to order it online and wait until next week for shipping since yesterday's install was a total surprise.

Now we just need to choose a grout color. I'd like a light gray, but so far I haven't found one and I think were delaying progress. Uh-oh.

Last night we ordered our vanity online. I can't believe things are finally coming together! Maybe will actually be done by Thanksgiving. I hope I didn't just jinx us!

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  1. Lovely! We used Mapei grout in Frost with our carrara floors. Purchased at Lowes.


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