Tutorial: Add Custom Trim to a Breathable Crib Bumpers

Back when I sewed everything for Little M's nursery, I added custom trim to the breathable bumpers for his cradle to match his sheets.

I'm working on a nursery set for a good friend who is having her second baby. Her first daughter's nursery is very pink, including pink breathable bumpers. Because they're not finding out the sex of the baby I decided to surprise her with a set of white breathable bumpers, customized to match the red and aqua nursery set, just in case #2 is a boy. (Surprise, Suzanne)

This tutorial will show you how to add custom trim to breathable bumpers without requiring any time consuming seam ripping.

How to Add Custom Trim to Breathable Crib Bumpers

Step 1: Make Bias Tape
For the standard breathable bumpers, which have 1" wide satin trim, you'll need strips that are 4.5" wide.  

I've tried several bias tape methods and find them all a little tedious, but there are several out there. Dana's at Dana Made It is a good one - just follow the steps through making a continuous strip, but no farther for this project.

Once you have your continuous 4.5" wide strip, fold it in half lengthwise and press.

Starting at the edge of the velcro on the inside of the bumper, pin the side of the strip with the two raw edges so they just overlap the stitching on the satin trim. The strip of trim should be facing down, away from the top of the satin. At the edge of the velcro, fold the end of the strip under to create a finished edge. Make sure you keep the bumper's ties out of the way of your sewing machine.

With a very narrow seam allowance, a little less than 1/4" - I just eyeballed it, went very slowly, and used a seam allowance just shy of 1/4" - stitch the raw edges to the bumper trying to stitch directly on top of the stitching on the stain trim as best you can. Leave room to fold the end under when you near the other edge of the velcro.

Fold the trim up, concealing the raw edge you just stitched down, and press.

Continue to fold, covering the stain trim entirely and press to the front of the bumper. The bottom edge of the trim in the front should be ever so slightly longer than the back at this point.

Using a very narrow seam, stitch as close to the edge of the trim as possible down the entire length of the bumper. If you can move your needle over, move it to the far edge so you can get the seam close to the edge. I have a blindstitch foot for my sewing machine that I use for projects like this.

Repeat for the bottom trim and on the second bumper piece.

For this project I only trimmed the tops of the bumpers. On the cradle project I trimmed all the edges. Either way it's an easy way to add a super cute, custom touch to your nursery!

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