This Happened

I’ve been absent for a little while now. Two trimesters to be exact.

Yep, that happened.

I wish I could say it’s all sunshine and roses, but when you’re very firmly one and done, a surprise like this is a lot to swallow. But that’s how life works and thankfully Mother Nature gives mothers several months to work through the “OH MY GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH TWO KIDS AT HOME, GET ME BACK TO WORK NOW!” emotions ;)

Just getting through the day hasn’t been the only challenge, of course. On the house-front we found out I was pregnant right around the time when our shady contractor apparently decided his sub-standard workers had lost him enough money on this job and walked away. He left us with enough outstanding work that, if done by someone else will cost 6-7x’s as much as remains outstanding on our contract. He and his lawyer then refused to follow the dispute provisions in our contract, so we were left having to hire a lawyer of our own (I have no construction law experience so it was way outside my comfort zone.) And if you’ve ever been here before, you know that nothing moves quickly once you get lawyers involved. We’re in month 14 of what was supposed to be a four month project and I can honestly say that on most days - or rather middle of the nights - I wish we’d moved far, far, far away instead.

But, we’re here and through total exhaustion unlike anything in my pregnancy with Little M, I’m trudging away trying to make our house a beautiful home again. Little M and I have been working together for the past several months to make him a big boy room out of our former upstairs guest room. All I can say is that the boy loves orange. We decided to stick the queen sized bed from the guest room into his former nursery and were shocked when it fit – it’s a cozy space, but it fits. So baby #2 will get our old bedroom. S and his dad built a closet because we removed the existing one to create the hallway to our new master. It needs another good sanding and then the walls and doors will be ready for paint. My painting days are limited, so someone had better be taking a few staycation days in the near future of he’s going to be on a ladder with a roller in hand!

Little M and I spent several weeks at my parents’ house in Maine recently where I was able to sew curtains for the new nursery, sheets for both rooms, and lots of little details for Little M’s room. We also did lots of hiking, swimming and playing, and ate lots of blueberries.

Our to-do list is a mile long and full of mundane phone calls, appointments, and other total time-sucks. And laundry. We've got lots of laundry and unpacking to do. Most of all I’m just eager to start pulling things together, maybe install a few door knobs and light fixtures. Maybe even write a few blog posts to go with all the photos stockpiled on my computer. So basically I could really use two solid child-free weeks right now!

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