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We met in Portland, Maine at a bar called Bull Feeney's when S, a Navy pilot, was flying out of Brunswick, Maine and F was in law school. We hung out with a large group of friends for a while until S asked F to dinner one afternoon. She was studying at the library and was quite hungry so she said yes. Their dinners out quickly turned to dinners in when S discovered that F was a great cook. We've been cooking together ever since. Click on the tags in the "Beehive Eats" section in the right hand sidebar to try some of our tasty recipes.

When S moved to Florida a year later, F stayed behind to finish law school. When S finally proposed several years later, F packed up her car and moved to Florida for the year before the wedding. We planned our Maine wedding from afar and bonded over more DIY projects than we've ever seen a couple tackle for a single wedding before. It was a lot of work! Check out our wedding projects at the "wedding" tab, above. After our wedding we packed up our cars and moved to the greater D.C. area. After much searching we found Our Little Beehive and picked up with the DIY projects where we left off after the wedding.

Our house is named for S's call-sign, a nickname that long predates F, but one that she's enthusiastically embraced. Our wedding monogram, a simple circle with an F and an S separated by a line and enclosed in a double circle is the origin of the "F" and "S" we call ourselves on this blog. We have long names; our friends and family refer to us in writing as "F" and "S." 

We're learning to be handy by working on projects during our free time and during vacations. We try to blog as often as possible, but sometimes projects (and our real jobs - install a disposer in a leaky sink two hours before a three-week flight?!) get in the way. We're learning as we go and getting a lot of help from our parents, who have many years of project experience up their sleeves. F grew up in a 200 year old farm house that her parents rehabbed from near-ruins. When they were "finished" with the farm they built a cabin with F's brother, from scratch, with their own hands (and with only the help of roofers when November snows in northern Maine demanded the roof be finished immediately). S's dad is a task-master who is has taught us how to start and finish a project in record time; he does not let a project marinate half-finished. 

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Most photos on our blog are from our own files or our home's real estate listing. We try very hard to keep track of the sources for our inspiration files. If you see a photo that is not properly credited, please contact us and we will make the correction immediately.

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