Our Dog(s)

This is our pup, Feeney:
Feeney is a 4 year old black/chocolate F1B goldendoodle from Smeraglia's Teddy Bear Goldendoodles. Feeney is named after the bar, Bull Feeney's, in Portland, Maine where F & S met in 2005. He's a rather recent addition to the Hive and we absolutely adore him. He is F's running partner and companion when S is away flying. Feeney loves to eat paper towels even though doing so makes F throw fits.
We love Feeney more than he loves ice cubes.

Lexi is F's 12 year old black lab who retired to Maine when F moved to Florida in 2008; Lexi does not live at the Hive. Lexi is college educated, worked in a busy office in Boston, and attended law school. She enjoys long walks, swimming in the pool, and naps in the garden. She's one well-rounded pup.  F misses Lexi dearly, but Lexi loves her life on the farm. F and Lexi are reunited periodically at which time F breaks all the rules and lets Lexi sleep on the human bed.
F and Lexi are best buddies.

Norman doesn't quite qualify as one of our dogs; he's our fish. We brought him home from a friend's house in August 2009 and rescued him from an impending flush. Norman lives on F's desk.
Unfortunately Norman isn't well and we don't expect him to be with us for too much longer. However, we've been saying that for months and he's still darting to the top of his bowl, begging for food, whenever F enters the room. Update: Mr. Norman passed away in December 2010 after fighting his illness for a very long time.

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